B.A.R.K. Meadow - Horseback Riding Lessons, Boarding, Boxford, Topsfield, Andover, MA



“Great people, great horses, great atmosphere. This is the barn you never want to leave but when you have to you know your horse is well taken care of!”
-  Megan Gray, Boarder

“Rachael has been around horses since she was a child and she KNOWS her stuff!!! Her love for these animals is what you'd want in a barn owner. She's been there and done that and she's going to keep doing it! If you're looking for beginner lessons she's fantastic person to have as your instructor, if you're an advanced rider she'll bring you to where you want to be. She pushes her students with love, care and most of all education.”
-  Alexandra Stanley

“If you want a supportive atmosphere and a solid foundation this is your barn and your instructor. My daughter is challenged, supported, instructed, and loved. Nothing more needs to be said”
-  Dava Kilbridge, Parent of a student who has trained with Rachael for four years

“Excellent place, recommended to anyone of all skill sets.”
-  Michael Hallin, Spouse of a boarder

“Rachael is an incredibly talented and knowledgeable instructor, trainer, and barn owner. She puts her horses and riders safety before anything else. She is wonderful for those looking to boost their confidence and riding ability. This barn truly has that family feel!”
-  Emily Fine

“Board your horse with a piece of mind. Rachael treats all horses like her own, with her attentiveness and experience you can guarantee a well cared for horse AND owner.”
-  Skyla Mills-Lair, Boarder of 4 years

“Rachel puts the wellbeing and happiness of the horses under her care first, and her method of teaching and training is down-to-earth, practical, and clear. She is friendly and approachable by all levels of riders and has years of experience managing large barns. I wouldn't trust anyone else with the care of my horse!”
-  Aliina Keers

“Rachael is a great instructor to all levels of riders. She also manages to love and take care of all the horses in the best way possible! The barn is also a very quite and relaxing place to be on and off the horse”
-  Christina Theodore

“Bark Meadows is a family, not a high stress barn - everyone is so friendly! We have fun, and spend time together. Rachael is a fantastic trainer from nervous children to confident advanced riders. She has a great array of horses and will work with anyone's schedule, income, and goals.”
-  Shira Bleicher

“Bark Meadows is warm and welcoming. Rachael is one of the most prolific trainers I've ever been associated with. Her knowledge and love for all of the animals is unsurpassed. She is meticulous with her training and teaches with her heart and soul. She will never force a rider to do something they're uncomfortable with instead she will encourage and build the riders confidence until they are performing and winning ribbons! If your looking for a barn that's not intimidating, then your search can end here”
-  Melissa Tucci

“Rachael is a one of a kind person she creates an environment that is family friendly, her teaching is compassionate and she is very knowledgeable. She creates a environment that all horses will thrive in and gives them top knot care, nothing is ever missed. I highly recommend this facility!!!”
-  Heather Scarfo

“Very impressed with this facility. Rachael has years of experience running a large stable. Using that experience, knowledge, and passion, she has created nothing less than an excellent boarding facility with 24-hour horse care. Additionally, it is also a family friendly environment.”
-  Jillian M